Women in Prison: A review of the Conditions in Member States of the Council of Europe

In 2004, the Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA), Brussels and the Quaker United Nations Office QUNO – Geneva), Geneva embarked on a joint project to gather information on women in prison. The role of QCEA was to gather data on the conditions of women in prison in the member states of the Council of Europe. This report gives the results and makes recommendations to the European institutions and their member states on ways in which conditions for women in prison can be improved.

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Denmark (pdf – 149kB) >>

Denmark (Horserød) (pdf – 54kB) >>

England and Wales (pdf – 155kB) >>

Estonia (pdf – 177kB) >>

Estonia (Harku) (pdf – 42kB) >> 

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Questionnaires used for these reports:

Questionnaire for prisoners (pdf – 67kB) >>

Questionnaire for prison staff (pdf – 59kB) >>