Overview of our work

Europe, like the world, faces complex crises: climate, conflict, inequality. We need a sustainable, just Europe that engages globally with non-violent solutions, respects all people, and safeguards our planet. Quakers, truth seekers, believe answers lie in open dialogue across differences. We offer our commitment to peace, justice, and equality to support European institutions in building a better world.

Our work

We currently work on three programme strands that combine our expertise and experience in working at the intersections between issues. Click below to learn about each programme.

Migration and

Creating policy conditions to support safe, equitable and responsive migration systems that contribute to long-term, sustainable peace.

Climate Justice and Peace

Fostering a transition to a sustainable, fossil-free Europe. Advocating for a just, peaceful global order with robust, nonviolent conflict resolution approaches.

Dialogues for Transformation

Enabling dialogue across differences, supporting people to listen deeply and gain new perspective on issues that are stuck or highly polarised.

How we work

QCEA focuses on transformative change through dialogue, promotes positive alternatives and more humane and peaceful policies.


Small changes in policy and law can make a big difference to outcomes for people and the ability to hold institutions to account.


Revealing policy failures and proposing viable alternatives helps policymakers create more effective policies, resulting in improved outcomes. Engaging affected communities is essential for developing just and peaceful policies.


Existing systems can't achieve the necessary changes for a just and peaceful world resilient to the climate crisis. Only through diverse collaboration, active listening, dialogue and reflection questions can people recognize the need for change.

Watching briefs

For some key issues that have long been of concern to Quakers, we maintain watching briefs, staying informed and prepared to add our Quaker voice individually or through networks when opportunities arise.

The right to conscientious objection

Long-term work towards lasting peace

Challenging the arms trade and increased militarisation

Civil society space

QCEA Strategy 2023-2026

Explore our 2023-2026 strategy "Justice and peace in a time of climate crisis" to understand our work, approach and theory of change, from promoting peaceful solutions to fostering transformative dialogue across differences.


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