Additonal concerns

Recognising the diverse concerns of European Quakers, QCEA focuses its advocacy efforts on specific key issues. We also keep watching briefs on some specific issues where we actively engage in addressing these concerns through Quaker values and perspectives.

Watching briefs

For some key issues beyond our direct focus, we maintain watching briefs, staying informed and prepared to add our Quaker voice individually or through networks when opportunities arise.

Conscientious objection

We advocate for the right to conscientious objection to be upheld in all countries in Europe in peace or war.

Work towards lasting peace

We seek to support initiatives that will foster sustainable peace in Europe and beyond.

Civil society

We call for a safe environment for civil society and the opportunity for meaningful engagement with policymakers.

Arms trade and militarisation

We make policymakers aware of the dangers of increased militarisation and the arms trade.


Get involved

Explore opportunities to make a meaningful impact and be an integral part of our organisation

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