Quaker House

Quaker House

Quaker House is a great place to hold your events and meetings. It was built at the end of the 19th century and later underwent extensive restoration and renovation work which was finished in 2010. It is a beautiful example of Art Nouveau design.

Room hire

Quaker House is an ideal venue for hosting events and meetings. Its versatile spaces, charming ambiance, and central location make it a great choice for various occasions. We have four levels of payment based on ability to pay.

The Dining Room

Dining Room

This is our main meeting room. It can comfortably hold up to 24 people theatre-style. The ‘Dining Room’ and ‘Meeting Room’ can be opened out into one room which can hold 42 people.

The Meeting Room

Meeting Room

This is our second large event room. It can comfortably hold around 20 people theatre-style. The ‘Dining Room’ and ‘Meeting Room’ can be opened out into one room which can hold 42 people.

Margaret Fell Room

Margaret Fell Room

This room is great for small meetings and events. It can comfortably hold 12 people. This room can be rearranged to fit about 16 people (in a circle – if you need space for a presentation, the maximum is about 10 or 12).


If you're considering renting a room for an event, check out our pricing details for various rooms below.

  • € 120 (for a half weekday)
  • € 200 (for a full weekday)
  • € 120 (for a half weekday)
  • € 200 (for a full weekday)
  • € 100 (for a half weekday)
  • € 180 (for a full weekday)
  • Large urn of coffee (tea included): € 25 (40 cups)
  • Small urn of coffee (tea included): € 15 (20 cups)
  • Use of the Kitchen: € 20
  • Flipchart: € 15
  • Screen: € 15
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Levels of payment

Our Quaker commitment to equality means we recognise that we operate in an unequal society. We, therefore, operate a tiered pricing system:

Solidarity price – 20% above the actual cost to allow us to subsidise those who have minimal resources to be able to use the space

Full price as listed above

A donation to QCEA (free contribution) for the organisations that can’t pay full price (based on an agreement with QCEA)

No cost (with agreement of  QCEA)

People talking

Contact us for more information regarding booking a room

Alternatively, you can also contact Xavier Verhaeghe, QCEA's Office Manager at office@qcea.org

History of Quaker House

Quaker House chair

Quaker House, situated at the junction of Square Ambiorix and rue des Eburons, is a notable part of the "Squares' district" architectural ensemble. Built at the end of 19th century by stockbroker Jean-Julien Van Stappen, it has been owned by Quakers since 1985. The interior, designed by architect George Hobé, retains its original features, including the dining room with wood paneling and Art Nouveau glass-paneled doors. The reception room showcases the remarkable bow window, offering a unique play of light, and visitors should not miss George Hobé's signature engraved in stone at the corner of rue des Eburons.

How to find us?

Quaker House is located at Square Ambiorix 50, 1000 Brussels, Belgium. It is conveniently located in Brussels at the junction of Square Ambiorix and rue des Eburons. It offers easy accessibility, being comfortably situated next to major train, metro, and bus stations, ensuring convenient transportation options for visitors.

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