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QCEA is an equal opportunity employer that values diversity. We strongly encourage people of all ethnicities, races, religions, genders, and differently abled people to apply for open positions. As an organisation we are guided by Quaker values of truth, equality, justice and peace. As a team we seek to promote these values and to work with a sense of united purpose, trusting in each other.

This means that we:

Treat each other and those we work for and with with respect, regardless of their opinions or official position.

Recognise that we have diverse experiences and skills and that these all add value to our relationships with each other and to our work.

Strive to be honest with each other about decisions we have made and concerns that we have and offer constructive feedback to each other

Are prepared to take risks and to make mistakes. Be open to learning from our mistakes and to helping others learn from their mistakes. Be open to learning from wherever it comes.

When conflict arises, seek to recognise it and address it in a constructive way, mindful of the power imbalances and unconscious biases that may be at play

We have no positions available right now

Thank you for your interest in joining our team. We are not actively recruiting for any new positions at this time. However, we encourage you to visit our careers and social media pages for vacancy updates.

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