Create a textile gift for MEPs

In September QCEA will be sending postcards to MEPs elected for the first time (up to 58% of the total according to EU Matrix) and as many other MEPs as we can, as well as the new EU Commissioners, reminding them that their work should be guided by compassion, integrity and respect.

In order to make our message more memorable and to show that our message is coming from real people who care about what MEPs say and do, we would like to send it with a small textile gift created by…. YOU!

Small gifts created with love and care out of recycled materials are a tangible reminder that policy and legislation is about human beings and this Earth we inhabit. You can also add a short personal message.

Handmade textile gift


MEPs still wait to receive a handmade gift from you!

Some of the works that we have received

Why get involved?

Show MEPs you care

Your handcrafted gift will be a tangible reminder that their decisions impact real people and our planet

Express your values

Choose a design that reflects your commitment to compassion, integrity, or respect

Be part of a community

Join others across Europe in sending a collective message of hope and integrity


Make this campaign possible

Your support of just 2 euros can cover the cost of sending a postcard to each MEP. With 720 members in the new parliament, approximately 58% will be new faces eager to hear our message

  • A piece of fabric (12cm x 10.5cm).

  • Materials like lace, ribbons, buttons, thread, or paper, anything else small that you can stick or sew on to your piece.

  • Optional: a short message (max 12 words) in any European language

  • Sew, glue, or decorate your fabric with anything that represents compassion, integrity, or respect to you.

  • You might want to include a word – either compassion (love), integrity (truth) or respect.

  • You can find inspiration in the photos provided below.

  • Keep it flat and avoid sharp objects

  • Write a call for compassion, integrity, or respect in politics.

  • Keep it general and positive (E.g. ‘Put truth first’; ‘Everyone has the right to be heard.’; ‘Love is the greatest force in the universe – Martin Luther King’; ‘Compassion directed to oneself is humility – Simone Weil’)

  • Include the message on a separate piece of paper with your textile piece – we will translate and format it so that it can be attached to your piece and sent with the postcard.

  • Post a picture of your creation (or yourself with it) on social media using #CompassionIntegrityRespect and tag [QCEA account].
  • Send a picture of yourself with your creation on our website for our website, you can send a photo to Dovile Bogusyte, QCEA’s Communications Officer,

  • We will take a photo of all the textile pieces as they arrive and may use them on our website or social media.

  • We’ll match your gift with a newly elected MEP or an EU Commissioner
  • If you have attached a message in a language other than English, we will try and match it to an MEP who speaks that language.

  • We’ll translate your message if needed.

  • In September, we’ll deliver the postcards and gifts to MEPs.

Send your creation to:

Quaker House Brussels
Square Ambiorix 50
1000 Brussels

Please also include your email address in case we need to reach out to you.


August 30th, 2024​

More information

Click on this box to find more information on how to create your textile gift.

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