QCEA is deeply concerned by the intention of the current Dutch Government to intensify bilateral relations with Israel through the Dutch-Israeli Cooperation Council, which is due to be signed on 7th June 2012.

These increased links conflict with the EU position on the Middle East Peace Process, as clearly stated in the Council conclusions on the Middle East Peace Process adopted at the Foreign Affairs Council on 14th May 2012 by all Members States including the Netherlands. The agreement also undermines the Metherlands’ reputation as a protector of international law, which is even referred to in Article 90 of the Dutch constitution.

QCEA sent an open letter to the Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal and Staatsecretariat Ben Knapen.

Read the open letter to the Government of The Netherlands in English (PDF – 38 KB)

“Open brief aan de regering van Nederland: Nederlands-IsraĆ«lische Samenwerkingsraad” in het Nederlands (PDF – 65 KB)