Consultation response: maritime transport emissions in GHG reduction commitment

Shipping affects European waters. In order to keep the global temperature change below two degrees, all aspects of our carbon emissions must be considered. Therefore it is essential that the maritime sector should contribute to European emission reduction efforts. The efforts will not give a comprehensive view if maritime emissions are not included.

In order to create a truthful reduction in CO2 emissions, the maritime sector needs to be accountable to itself, not other sectors. If it can rely on being able to buy emission allowances from other sectors (which already have too many), then there is no incentive to actively decrease their emissions. However, if they are allowed to sell credits to other sectors, it will hasten their own transformation. A mandatory emission reduction target linked to speed would automatically reward early movers.

Read QCEA’s consultation response (PDF – 67 Kb)

Results of the Consultation

No results of the consultation have been made public yet.