Consultation response: industrial policy for the security industry

The stated purpose of this consultation from the European Commission was “to collect the views and opinions of all relevant security industry stakeholders on the main challenges faced by the European Security Industry. This will help the Commission to indentify the main policy measures to overcome the current fragmentation of the EU security market and to strengthen the industrial base.”

At QCEA, we believe that it is far more important to address the questions relating to the ethical issues raised by security research than the question of market fragmentation. Some degree of market fragmentation can contribute to a more differentiated approach to what is acceptable in ethical terms and to more open debate about appropriate solutions. This does require informed public participation which in our view should be an important component in any EU-funded security research projects.

More generally, we believe that all people can live in peace and therefore advocate non-military responses to conflict and peacebuilding and for conflict prevention in foreign relations. We also offer a perspective on security that starts with the fundamental belief in the equality of all people and the need to live globally in community so that the luxuries of some do not come at the expense of the misery of many.

Read QCEA’s consultation response (PDF – 49 KB)