Are you interested in exploring the long history of Africa and Europe and delving deeper into how this shared past affects current relations and future outcomes?

The Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) has the pleasure to invite you a series of informal lunchtime discussions events, which will take place online on Wednesdays 21 April, 28 April and 5 May, from 12:30 – 13:45 CET.

The aim of these events is to examine and deconstruct some of the ideas and assumptions about Africa-Europe relations and the contemporary repercussions of centuries-long shared history. The discussion series will also explore the possibilities and challenges for future relations that will benefit both Africans and Europeans equally.


Session 1: The journey so far (21 April 2021)

This session will look at the long history of Europe-Africa relations and trace a shared history that remains largely absent from education curriculums and public debates.

Speaker: Olivia Gieskes – Doctoral researcher and Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow at the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh. Olivia also participates in the Afroeuropeans Network.

Session 2: Legacies that shape the present? (28 April 2021)

This session will examine the contemporary repercussions of centuries-long Europe-Africa relations. This session will shed light on power dynamics between the two continents, their historical origins and how they continue to shape today’s world, including EU-Africa relations.

Speaker: Pamela Nzabampema – Outreach and Community Organiser at the Quaker Council for European Affairs. Pamela holds a doctoral degree in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford. Her main geographical area of interest is the Great Lakes region of Central Africa.

Session 3: Is a ‘partnership between equals’ possible? (5 May 2021)

The last session of the series will examine the wish of the current European Commission to build “partnership of equals” expressed in its 2020 Strategy with Africa, reflecting the “maturity” reached following more than 500 years of relations with Africa. The session will discuss the possibilities and challenges for more relations that will benefit both Africans and Europeans equally.

Speaker: Zdena Middernacht – Doctoral researcher in International Relations at the University of Kent. Zdena is also a senior research consultant at the Organisation Development Support (ODS) and has worked for development and human rights NGOs in South Africa and Belgium and in development consulting focused on states in Africa and Asia.

Language: English

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