A guide to getting involved: Europe and the local level

This briefing paper explores the relationship between the European Union and the local and regional levels of government,  and considers how citizens can engage with the EU on regional issues. The paper examines the Committee of the Regions, the main link between local governments and the EU, explaining its structure, role and relations with other European Union institutions.

The paper offers practical advice and knowledge on how citizens can engage, with whom to engage and when to engage. Although the Committee is not the most powerful institution, it has an important role in representing the regional perspective, and in providing a forum for local and regional politicians from across Europe.

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This paper is part of a series: similar guides are available on the European Parliament, and European Commission.

You could also send a model letter, encouraging your local and regional authorities to sign up to an EU sustainable energy scheme, the Covenant of Mayors. You can find the letter in text format here, and as a pdf here.