Virtual conference: The possibilities of peace education - Evidence and opportunities

20-21-22 May 2021, on three half-days


The Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) and Quakers in Britain are organising a virtual conference "The possibilities of peace education: Evidence and opportunities"

The aim of the conference is to explore together how education can sow the seeds of sustainable peace and heal divisions, drawing inspiration from a long Quaker tradition of peace education work.


Session topics will include:

  • - Framing peace education
  • - Peace education in conflict and post-conflict contexts
  • - The policy case for peace education
  • - Positive peace in schools
  • - Racial (in)justice in education
  • - Peace education in the context of growing militarisation
  • - Climate justice


For more information, see the DRAFT agenda or contact: 

In the UK: Ellis Brooks at QPSW

Outside the UK: Pamela Nzabampema at QCEA


Registering to take part

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