• QCEA brings a Quaker vision of just relationships to European institutions. Quaker testimony includes values of peace, equality, simplicity and truth

QCEA promotes Quaker values at the European level. We advocate non-violent approaches to conflict resolution, promote policies that respect the intrinsic equality of all people everywhere, and try to ensure that European policy sustains the planet’s resources and the lives of all those who share them.
We have represented European Quakers in Brussels since 1979.

Latest News

  • Referendum result

    Referendum result

    The Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) has commented on the result of the UK’s EU membership referendum. QCEA has also provided a quiet space for reflection in Brussels since …Read More »
  • Quakers say ‘no’ to EU-US Trade deal

    Quakers say ‘no’ to EU-US Trade deal

    19 May 2016 Five Quaker organisations from Europe and the United States have asked governments to say ‘no’ to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the controversial ‘mega’ trade …Read More »
  • 10 key improvements to get the Circular Economy back on track

    10 key improvements to get the Circular Economy back on track

    Eleven NGOs working on the circular economy, including the Quaker Council for European Affairs, have come together to sign a statement outlining the 10 improvements that need to be made …Read More »