Quaker House, Square Ambiorix

Quaker House, Brussels

QCEA promotes Quaker values at the European level.

We advocate non-violent approaches to conflict resolution, promote policies that respect the intrinsic equality of all people everywhere, and try to ensure that European policy sustains the planet’s resources and the lives of all those who share them.

We have represented European Quakers in Brussels since 1979.


What we do

Our work covers five broad programme areas:

  • Democratic Governance
  • Economic Justice
  • Human Rights
  • Peace
  • Sustainable Energy Security

The topics and subjects that we work on vary from programme to programme, and there tends to be significant overlap between these areas. At present, we are working on projects including:

  • Trade, free trade, and the impact on quality of life
  • The EU’s role in peacebuilding and conflict prevention
  • Human rights and business
  • Sustainable energy and the green economy
  • The EU’s role in the Israel/Palestine conflict

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Room hire

Quaker House has meeting rooms available for hire. We are situated on the edge of the European quarter, on Square Ambiorix, not far from Shuman roundabout and Berlaymont, the headquarters of the European Commission.