Peace Education

Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) and QCEA are working together to strengthen peace education involving movement-building from the ‘bottom up’, and influencing policy makers from the ‘top down’. The project is supported by BYM Legacy Fund. This project develops QPSW’s practical work by incorporating learning from across Europe, strengthening its practice, advocacy and networks. Drawing on each other’s expertise QCEA and BYM are carrying out further research mapping the delivery of peace education across Europe and developing materials and training to showcase peace education.

The overarching goal is more, better-integrated, peace education across Europe, with EU policy makers championing and ultimately funding peace education as a peacebuilding and conflict prevention tool. Practitioners and academics will be more linked up, encouraging and delivering peace education. Quakers and Quaker organisations across Europe, engaged with peace education, will be connected to each other to promote and develop peace education and grow the movement advocating for peace education.

What we’re working on

  • — QCEA co-hosted with Interpeace an InfoPoint with the DG DEVCO on “Peace Education for Conflict Prevention”.
  • — As part of its partnership with YPFP QCEA organised 2 events on Peace Education bringing together EU policy makers, academics, civil society organisations and peace education practitioners.
  • — QCEA has brought QPSW peace education resources into the hands of EU policy makers and other interested NGOs.
  • — QPSW organised an online course on Peace Education.
  • — QPSW staff have ensured that the Case for Peace Ed publication is being widely accessed in the UK.



  • War School is a film about the battle for the hearts and minds of Britain’s children. Set against the backdrop of Remembrance the controversial and challenging documentary reveals how, faced with unprecedented opposition to its wars, the British government is using a series of new and targeted strategies to promote support for the military. It’s free to watch in full on Youtube – click here.

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Peace Education: Making the Case

Our report argues for a multi-layered approach to peace education on the part of the EU, with a cohesive, coordinated strategy for peace education as a peacebuilding and conflict prevention tool across relevant EU policies and programmes – both within its borders and around the world. With an exploration of the history of peace education, as well as case studies and institutional analysis, our new report encourages the EU to recognise what Quakers have understood for centuries – that peace is built in the classroom, as well as around a negotiating table.

Interactive Map

We’re working with the Global Campaign for Peace Education to produce an interactive peace education map. Coming soon!

Contact Persons

Saskia Basa
Migration & Peace Coordinator


Isabel Cartwright
Peace Education Programme, BYM