QCEA Human Rights Programme

About the Human Rights Programme

Broadly speaking, QCEA’s Human Rights Programme works to:

  • - promote alternatives to child immigration detention in Europe;
  • - support humane European external migration policies;
  • - tackle police/security violence against refugees and migrants;
  • - build positive narratives in an effort to reduce hate speech.

Together, our projects seek to “humanise Europe”. We want to shed light on, and put an end to, the less-widely recognised challenges faced by migrants and refugees arriving in Europe.In addition to advocating for more humane policies on the EU’s borders themselves – ending the separation of families, opposing the creation of “camps” in third countries – we aim to address the ongoing human rights abuses faced by migrants who are present in European countries. This includes the detention of children because of their migration status, but also the phenomenon of violence towards refugees on the part of police and private security companies, as well as hate speech on the internet.

QCEA begins from the principle that migrant rights are human rights, and that more thorough awareness and application of the existing human rights framework is an important first step. However, we are not focused purely on political or institutional change – we also seek to “re-humanise” migrants and refugees in a wider context of xenophobia and which strips them of their agency and humanity in public discourse. By reaffirming respect for vulnerable people and their rights, and lobbying for policymakers to do the same, we aim to take a stand against the setting of dangerous precedents which risk undermining the protections we should all enjoy.


Andrew Lane
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Kate McNally
Forced Migration Project Coordinator
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