Join us for Connecting the Dots – An online conversation

Tuesday 22 September, 14:30-16:00 CET (13:30-15:00 Britain and Ireland)

In a European environment where the uncertainties of economic and social change have been met with financial austerity and simple messages from reactionary politicians focusing on single issues, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a further reminder of the interconnectedness of various aspects of our lives.

Some links are now even more obvious: the lockdown-related drops in air-pollution was more evidence of the impact of our lifestyles on climate. Some blind spots were revealed: many of the undervalued and discriminated groups became overnight “essential” workers. The connections between race and inequality are once again in full view.

Do not be content to accept things as they are, but keep an alert and questioning mind. Seek to discover the causes of social unrest, injustice and fear; try to discern the new growing-points in social and economic life”

BYM Faith and Practice 23.01

When dots are connected, lines are drawn and patterns emerge: join us for an open conversation where we will attempt together to discern the bigger picture when it comes to peace, justice and equality.

Our meeting will hear from:

Ed Dommen, Switzerland Yearly Meeting

The gaps and the connections not made in European Affairs

Tracey Martin, Woodbrooke

Seeing and acting on the connections between our work

Terri Beswick, ikleltik

The parallels between social justice and peace, and the artificial lines between foreign and domestic policy

Laurel Townhead, Quaker United Nations Office

Joining up with others for collective work

Edwina Peart, Britain Yearly Meeting

Working with Quakers on Diversity and Inclusion

and with Kékéli Kpognon and Andrew Lane

Quaker Council for European Affairs

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