We know that our work is often difficult to explain. Either it is our “quiet diplomacy” that we are not able to share publicly, or it is happening at European institutions with which many Friends will not be familiar. Even when we try out best, we know that Euro-jargon can find its way into our publications too.

This page contains resources which may help you to talk about our work more effectively.


We have produced a Powerpoint presentation which includes an introduction to QCEA, its work and the current European political context. It is accompanied by some talking points. Both can be downloaded below.

The British Friends of QCEA also produced a Powerpoint about our work, which you can download here.

Factsheets and leaflets

Videos about our work

Below are links to five-minute videos in which QCEA staff and GA members discuss our work.

Social media

We provide regular updates about our work on social media. Why not consult our Facebook or Twitter pages to keep up to date?


We post all our publications in PDF format on our website and social media pages, and we also send links to QCEA Correspondents. If you would like to receive paper copies of our reports, please contact dovile.bogusyte@qcea.org