Report on climate, peace, and human rights

Today, on Earth Day 2021, the peace programme published its new report on climate, peace, and human rights.

The report Climate, Peace and Human Rights: Are European Policies Coherent? explores the interconnections between climate, peace, and human rights, calling for any green transition to be based on climate justice, by putting people and not profit at the centre. This report is rooted in the Quaker approaches to climate and security, promoting the Quaker concept of the ‘right relationship’. It follows the Quaker view that none of us are truly safe – whether from climate crisis or violent conflict – until we all are.

The report stresses that any green transition plan must also address sustainability and justice issues, and makes a series of recommendations to deal with these issues, calling for an integrated approach to climate, peace, and human rights. Recommendations include the adoption of a Global Green New Deal, the inclusion of climate justice in all EU policies, an intersectional approach to the environment, centering and promoting the most impacted and the recognition of colonial legacy and structural racism, and the promotion of equality and social justice.

To read the report and find more information, please visit: