Copies of Around Europe between 2005 and 2008 are made available in a series of archive posts, with all the headlines and stories collected into a ZIP file for the entire year, rather than in individual monthly blog posts. We have an extensive archive of paper copies of Around Europe before 2002; please contact us if you wish to request copies of any of these.

2007 – click to download the ZIP file in English or Deutsch or français (cinq seulement)

Around Europe No. 298 – December 2007/January 2008
Anything Anywhere Traceable Any Time; How is the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights different from the European Convention on Human Rights?; Effective Counter-Terrorism in Denmark; Energy Conference

Around Europe 297 – November 2007
New QCEA Project on Energy; Education and the Prevention of Violent Radicalisation; Prison Health is Public Health; Austrian Conscientious Objector Franz Jägerstätter beatified; QCEA Study Tour 2008

Around Europe 296 – October 2007
QCEA Contributes to a Call for Respect for Human Rights at Council of Europe; Give Peace a Budget; Is Diplomacy Dead? Notes from a Controversial Conference on Peace in the Middle East

Around Europe 295 – September 2007
Knowing more to act better; The Reform Treaty; The Security Threat of Ethnic Profiling; Book Review: Wealth – Power – Violence; Lucas Guttenberg Joins QCEA

Around Europe 294 – July/August 2007
Dealing with the past; Showing the Red light to Traffic; Restorative Justice; Women in Prison EP Hearing

Around Europe 293 – June 2007
Terrorism and the Foreigner: A book review; Militarisation of the EU presence in Afghanistan?; Obituary: Elisabeth Baker

Around Europe 292 – May 2007
Social Responsibility, Controversial Weapons and the Military; Integrating Environment, Development and Conflict Prevention; The End of Women’s Prisons in the UK?; Martina Weitsch in Serbia and Bosnia

Around Europe 291 – April 2007
No Reciprocal Trade Without Equal Partnership; The European Union and Conflict Prevention: Policy and Legal Aspects – A Review; QCEA Study Tour 7-15 July 2007 Book Now!; A Special Session on Democracy and Terrorism; Calling all Quaker Peace Experts

Around Europe 290 – March 2007
Friends Committee on National Legislation – Legislative Programme; Biofuels: The solution to our problems?; Human Security: From words to action; Italy to raise death penalty question at UN

Around Europe 289 – February 2007
Faslane 365 – UK Green MEP and Co-President of the Intergroup for Peace Initiatives, Caroline Lucas, arrested; Matt Loffman joins QCEA; Challenges to Peacebuilding: Managing Spoilers during Conflict Resolution- A review; JEAN VAN LIERDE 15 February 1926 – 15 December 2006; QCEA Study Tour 7-15 July 2007