QCEA’s Human Rights Programme seeks to re-frame migration narratives at the European level, deploying our unique capacity as a facilitator to promote a cross-cutting, inclusive approach to migration policymaking with a base in universal fundamental rights and justice. Our aim is to entrench a new way of thinking about migration among fellow civil society organisations and policymakers, emphasising migrants’ agency by building processes around their participation, as opposed to casting them as ‘victims’ discussed in abstract terms. We believe this will in turn lead to an evolution in policy itself.

Our events do this by amplifying the voices of actors not represented in EU policymaking – particularly grassroots, migrant-led and diaspora organisations, as well as actors working to deconstruct structural and historical causes of inequalities such as patriarchy and colonialism. We will create space for radical thinking on how social justice, solidarity and equality intersect with migration policy, exploring new approaches and addressing ongoing challenges via a structured process of quiet diplomacy. This work includes events which fall into two general thematic strands:

  • Dealing with Dilemmas, a process of collective problem-solving in partnership with leading European migration and human rights organisations, which will address intractable migration policy issues that have socio-political root causes. Some of these events will be multi-day quiet diplomacy processes, of which we aim to host at least three per year, supplemented by additional smaller working meetings.
  • Parallel Lives, which includes cultural events such as exhibitions, screenings, debates, performances that connect migration and human rights policy stakeholders working both inside and outside Europe. This bridge-building will seek to address incoherences in EU internal and external migration policies, as well as promote unconventional advocacy and practitioner networks around specific experiences and treatment.

Reading group

Every Wednesday QCEA holds a space for anyone to join us to read and share about racism, inequality and privilege. To find out more visit www.QCEA.org/read

Public Events

Public events are advertised on our social media pages, so please follow us to stay up to date. You can read about recent public events in our newsletter, Around Europe.

In Autumn 2019 QCEA hosted an exhibition by Darfuri artisit Goppang Nyarta (Boush Musa). More than two hundred people attended over five days to see his work based on a journey seeking sanctuary in Europe. Attendees included people from the Belgium, the European institutions and newcomers who have also stayed in Parc Maximilien. One of his paintings is shown below, and others can be found on his instagram and twitter.