Occupied Palestinian Territories

Around Europe 360 December 2014 – January 2015

In this issue of Around Europe, Sevasti Christoforou examines the issues of identifying, recording and addressing hate crime across the European Union, and the variance between EU Member States. George Thurley discusses how citizens and local governments can act as pioneers on climate and environment issues, bypassing necessary compromises at the national and European levels. Andrew …

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Around Europe 355 February – March 2014

The February-March edition of our monthly newsletter. Deputy Representative Andrew Lane talks about the EU’s reversion to militarism, and Chris Diskin writes about a sunset clause for TTIP, while Representative Alexandra Bosbeer reminds us of the importance of voting in May’s EU Parliament Elections. Click here to download a PDF version of Around Europe 355

Die Diskrepanz zwischen Rhetorik und den realen Gegebenheiten verringern

Martina Weitsch, ehemalige Beauftragte des Quäkerrats für Europäische Angelegenheiten (QCEA), analysiert die Bedeutung der neuen Richtlinien der EU hinsichtlich finanzieller Unterstützung israelischer Firmen und Institutionen und ruft zur Aktion auf. Am 19. Juli 2013 brachte die EU neue Richtlinien “bezüglich der Förderungswürdigkeit israelischer juristischer Personen und Firmen, hinsichtlich ihrer Aktivitäten, in den – seit Juni …

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Around Europe 352 – August/September 2013

In this issue of Around Europe QCEA Intern Annie Schulz discusses hate speech in European Union Member States. Associate Professor in Risk Management and Community Resilience, and Swedish Quaker Per Becker writes about how national identity and political elites have influenced the involvement in conflicts. Former QCEA Representative Martina Weitsch describes the recent EU guidelines on eligibility for funding of entities registered …

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Around Europe 342 – May 2012

Israel destroys EU development projects worth € 29 million; Who is protecting human rights in Europe?; Restorative Justice: European Parliament makes progress?; Introducing our new Office Manager Click here to download (PDF – 2.0 Mb) Deutsche Ausgabe – Mai 2012 Restorative Justice: Macht das Europa-Parlament Fortschritte? Klicken Sie hier für die deutschen Auszüge (PDF – …

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Around Europe 340 – March 2012

Israel’s Supreme Court Adapts International Law in West Bank Quarrying ruling; A View of the EU Budget through Green-Tinted Spectacles; Continued Cognitive Dissonance in EU Energy Effort; Democracy under stress: The global crisis and beyond; Apology and Correction Click here to download (PDF – 1.3 Mb) Deutsche Ausgabe – März 2012 Israels Oberster Gerichtshof passt …

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