Peace Programme events

QCEA’s Peace Programme organises a number of events in order to advocate for peacebuilding and shared security in Europe and beyond. Some of these - such as our “quiet diplomacy” round-table discussions - are aimed at policymakers and representatives of civil society organisations, and are usually held in Quaker House. Others, such as film screenings, are open to the public.

Our events can be divided into three general categories:

  • Thematic events, such as discussions on the EU’s Global Strategy or security capacity-building
  • Geographic events, focusing on conflict resolution and security in a specific region
  • Cultural events, such as our public film screenings on the arms trade


Recent events

Building Security: Trust or Fear

This event brought together NATO and EU representatives with academia and NGOs to discuss the modern interpretation of security – most notably, who contributes to it. The aim was to advance the concept of “shared security”, which foresees a whole-of-society approach as opposed to traditional, top-down approaches to conflict resolution and security led by police and private security actors. Co-organised with Dublin City University’s Institute for International Conflict Resolution and Reconstruction, as well as Dublin Monthly Meeting Peace Committee.

International Responses to North Korea's Nuclear Threat - what alternatives to sanctions?

This event bridged the EU, Member States, civil society, and faith-based organisations. It provided alternative perspectives on addressing the situation in North Korea.

Film screening and bebate on the impact of the global arms trade: Shadow World

A film projection on the global arms trade and its impact on multiple levels of society. Following the film screening, Andrew Feinstein, author of the book Shadow Worlds, and Laetitia Sédou, who coordinates the European network Against Arms Trade, addressed the audience. Two Members of the European Parliament, Arne Lietz from the Social Democrats and Bodil Valero from the Greens, intervened to share experiences working on this issue at the political level.

Public events are advertised both here and on our social media pages, so please follow us to stay up to date.