Peace at the heart launch

11 May 2022, 4.00-5.30, Online

A new report from Quakers in Britain ‘Peace at the heart: a relational approach to education in British schools’ makes key recommendations for the governments of England, Scotland and Wales to support Peace Education in line with their international commitments.

At the heart of Quakers’ concern is the healthy development of children and young people. We believe in the potential of education to invest in the promise of each child to flourish, and to support the common hopes of young people to shape a more just, more inclusive world.

Quakers around the globe join with others in work towards this vision, particularly in the practices of peace education. This is an approach to learning and growth which, by cultivating healthier ways of relating to one another and to society, aims to enhance wellbeing, promote inclusion, and encourage conscientious engagement in the social challenges of our times.

As the field has grown, advocates of peace education have begun to argue for wider take-up by education ministries. In 2020, the Quaker Council for European Affairs outlined a policy case at the European level in Peace education: Making the case. The upcoming report makes the same case in the British context.

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