Read the European statement published on 18 April 2016:

Statement on the occasion of the 2016 Global Day of Action on Military Spending (18 April updated)


Brussels Conference on the Global Day of Action on Military Spending

Monday 18 April 2016
09:30 – 17:00

Location: COMECE, Square de Meeûs 19, Brussels

Register by email: events@qcea.org

EU governments are spending a total of 255 billion euro on the military in 2014, and globally military spending accounted for $1776 billion. This is disproportionate and in many cases does not contribute to the security of citizens. To the contrary, “The world is over-armed and peace is underfunded” stated UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

The event on 18 April will bring together representatives of the peace, environment and development sectors. We will ask what can be done to reallocate military expenditures in favour of peacebuilding, addressing climate change, supporting refugees and helping achieve the new Sustainable Development Goals.

Speakers include:

– Luc Mampaey, Director of GRIP

– Doris Mariani, Chief Executive, of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize nominee – Nonviolent Peace Force

– Ben Moore, Acting Director, European Peacebuilding Liaison Office

– Gerald Stang, Senior Associate Analyst, European Union Institute for Security StudiesGCOMS3

– Eloï Glorieux, Senior Energy Campaigner Greenpeace

– Ria Verjauw, International Coalition to Ban Uranium Weapons

– Jeremy Lester, former EU conflict and development official

– Rudy De Meyer, 11.11.11

– Catherine Woollard, Secretary General European Council on Refugees and Exiles

– Doris Peschke, Genereal Secretary Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe

– Pierre Claver Mbonimpa, President of the Association for the Protection of Human Rights and Detainees

– Reiner Braun, Co-President of International Peace Bureau and Convenor of the Berlin Conference: www.ipb2016.berlin

Statement on the occasion of the 2016 Global Day of Action on Military Spending

Please click here to see the full programme for 18 April conference in Brussels.


For more information, or to register: events@qcea.org
Space will be limited, so please indicate if you are only able to attend for either the morning or the afternoon.

Click here to read the 2015 Military Spending statement signed by European peace groups. A new statement will be issued at the end of the 2016 conference.

 Supporting organisations: Agir pour la Paix, Belgische Coalitie Stop Uraniumwapens, CNAPD, Comité Surveillance OTAN (CSO), ECRE, EPLO, Greenpeace, GRIP, IFOR, IPB, Justice and Peace Europe, Mouvement Chrétien pour la Paix, Pax Christi Flanders, Pax Christi Wallonie-Bruxelles, Pax Christi International, Quaker Council for European Affairs, Vrede vzw, Vredesactie, 11.11.11