Migration and Peace

QCEA brings a peacebuilding approach to migration, striving to eliminate violence against people on the move. Our goal is to influence European policies for safe and fair migration, promoting lasting peace. We advocate for policy changes, highlight successful practices, and emphasise the connection between migration and conflict dynamics in EU initiatives.

What do we work on?

Europe's approach to migration puts people in harm’s way, endangers their human rights and puts the social cohesion of societies at risk. We need to make peace with migration as a normal and undeniable reality.

The system is broken - it's time to look at alternatives

Migration control and deterrence measures produce negative and self-reinforcing outcomes. We bring attention to where change is already happening and where alternatives are emerging to gather promising practices and learning.

Migration is a peace issue, and a force for transformation

Migration can be a cause and a consequence of conflict: a product of violence and a life-affirming decision. We support peacebuilding approaches that help maximise the positive impacts of migration by supporting the agency of people.

The polarisation limits the options available for change

We facilitate dialogue initiatives where people can talk and listen to each other in a non-confrontational and imaginative space, exploring together possibilities not previously considered.


Every action counts

At QCEA, we believe in creating a world where migration contributes to peace, prosperity, and understanding. But we can't do it alone. Your support, in any form, makes a difference.

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