Dialogues for Transformation

QCEA believes transformative change is necessary to move beyond crisis and build a just, equitable and peaceful society. In a divided world, constructive dialogue feels more crucial than ever. We believe respectful engagement holds the key to unlocking solutions. Leveraging our expertise in safe spaces and quiet diplomacy, we invite people to explore a different approach to tackling complex issues, together.

How do we work?

QCEA initiates and facilitates inclusive dialogues among diverse stakeholders, including policymakers, activists, citizens, and marginalised voices. By fostering understanding and collaboration, we aim to address urgent questions, ensuring humanity thrives in these challenging times.

Questions enable new understanding

Exploring questions that challenge the underlying assumptions behind policy and practice enable new insights

Listening as a political tool

Creating safe spaces where people can deeply listen to each other help identify common ground

Creativity opens new paths

Offering creative activities enable people to bring their whole selves to the issue and understand it holistically

What is a QCEA dialogue?

Quaker House

Dialogue topics

Below are some examples of dialogues we have held:

Travelling through divides, unbounding imagination: an exploration of border

Harmony, Hierarchy, Equality: Exploring our relationships with nature

QCEA is open to requests to facilitate dialogue processes


Every action counts

We believe that dialogue is at the heart of transformation change. However, bringing about this change necessitates collective support. Your assistance holds significant value in our pursuit of a harmonious future.

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