COP26: QCEA signs call to action

QCEA has signed a call to action by the Conflict and Environment Observatory (CEOBS). The call urges governments to commit to meaningful emissions cuts at COP26. CEOBS is an initiatives launched in 2018 with the primary goal of increasing awareness and understanding of the environmental and derived humanitarian consequences of conflicts and military activities.

There are signs that some governments may pledge to reduce military greenhouse gas emissions this November at COP26. The call sets out the scope of what these pledges should include, such as setting clear GHG emission reduction targets for the military that are consistent with the 1.5oC target specified by the 2015 Paris Agreement. . The military sector is one of the biggest contributors to the climate crisis. This needs to end.

After discernment with its committees, QCEA decided to join many other organisations in signing this important call to action.

Read the full call to action here to learn more.

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