QCEA believes that the Euratom Treaty is the wrong platform to deal with nuclear safety of the EU Member States – it should be regulated by the EU Treaties. This is principally because the Euratom Treaty was established in order to promote the use of nuclear energy (Euratom art. 1), and any credible regulation of nuclear safety should be done under a legislative framework that is independent from promotion and operation of nuclear power. Furthermore, the Euratom Treaty does not deal with essential issues concerning nuclear safety like health issues and environmental protection (which are completely excluded from the current legislation!), workers rights, security aspects, transparency and communication responsibilities, and human rights. For QCEA, the specific areas of legislative intervention are less important than the harmonising of the Euratom Treaty with other EU legislation under the EU Treaties, which includes dealing with hazardous substances and high-risk technologies.

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Results of the Consultation

No results of the consultation have been made public yet.