Climate Justice and Peace

QCEA brings a peace approach to the work towards a fossil-free Europe and a just and peaceful transition. This transition should foster a new global order that guarantees sustainability, fairness, peace and prioritises dialogue in climate practices to constructively address conflict and engage in peace-oriented alternatives.

What do we work on?

QCEA seeks to recognise and address the inequalities and power imbalances that have caused and are causing harm to people and the planet. The changes needed are systemic and transformational. We need to listen to those who are most affected and enable them to be heard.


The EU needs to implement conflict-sensitive approaches into its climate action to lower resistance and prevent tensions and conflict arising from the green transition.


Placing individuals at the core of the green transition is crucial for building sustainable and peaceful societies, not just sustainable economies. It is essential to address inequalities, ensure inclusivity, and really “leave no one behind”.

Securitization of the climate crisis

Peace oriented alternatives to the current extractive and exploitative system can build the foundations of a more just and peaceful future.


Every action counts

We are dedicated to fostering a world where climate justice plays a role in promoting peace, prosperity, and mutual understanding. However, achieving this vision requires collective support. Your assistance, in any form, holds significant value.

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