QCEA has published a new briefing paper giving you all the information you need to find just the right Member of the European Parliament to contact about the things that matter to you.

‘Who do I call if I want to call Europe’ is a quotation attributed to Henry Kissinger and is often quoted when people want to suggest that the European Institutions are too diverse to provide a clear target audience for political messages addressed at ‘Europe’. It is, of course, a simplification. First, do we mean Europe, the European Union, or the Council of Europe? Secondly, any one of these is complex and therefore having just one phone number for them would be simplistic and unrealistic. Granted, there is one President of the United States of America, but he is also not the only target for political messages from all those who wish to influence US politics.

But that said it is important for citizens to understand how they can communicate with the appropriate
decision-makers about the issues they care about effectively and at the right time.

This paper therefore tries to answer the question which has been raised with QCEA by people who support our advocacy through our Action Alerts: how do I know which Member of the European Parliament to write to?

Download the Briefing Paper here (PDF – 232 Kb)