In 2005 QCEA published twelve briefing papers outlining and evaluating EU responses to terrorism, and in its 2007 report “Effective Counter-Terrorism: A Critical Assessment of European Union Responses” QCEA set out a series of recommendations to policy makers. Since then, there has been a dizzying array of counter-terrorism related policy developments and initiatives within the EU. Whilst many of the recommendations in the 2007 report still apply, these developments, and responses to them, certainly merit an update.

Briefing Paper 13

Briefing paper 13 in the EU Response to Terrorism series reflects on the lack of thorough, independent and critical evaluation of all aspects of EU counter-terrorism policy, and provides a broad update to some of the issues in counter-terrorism. Briefing papers 14a and 14b will provide a more detailed examination of the legal and policy framework developments (14a) and policy initiatives and issue areas (14b) that have arisen or developed in the last five years. Both papers include recommendations to policy-makers.

Read “Evaluating an Evaluation – ‘The EU Counter-Terrorism Policy: Main Achievements and Future Challenges'” (PDF – 143 Kb)

Briefing Paper 14a

This briefing paper looks at the legal and policy framework developments since 2005, in the area of EU counter-terrorism.

Read “Law and Policy Framework Developments Since 2005, Relating to EU Counter-Terrorism” (PDF – 123 Kb)

Briefing Paper 14b

This briefing paper focuses on some of the specific policies that have been implemented, or developed, over the last five years. It will examine the most serious concerns – relating to human rights, civil liberties, and peace issues – which surround them, ending in a set of recommendations.

Read “Counter-Terrorism Policy Initiatives: Main Areas of Concern” (PDF – 809 Kb)