It’s our pleasure to be able to share with you the latest edition of Around Europe, the newsletter of the Quaker Council for European Affairs. As we approach the 2019 European elections, some forecasts suggest that up to a third of seats may be won by populist-nationalist candidates. Migration policy will surely be a key talking point both before and after the vote, but how can each and every one of us help to make sure that the debate is civil? This issue contains some tips on how to construct positive narratives in response to the anti-migrant hate speech which is all too common both online and in real life.


Also in this issue:

– “Peace education” – what is it, and why should the EU be supporting it?

– A report into the alarming rise in the rate of refugees drowning in the Mediterranean

– An update from our Helping the Helpers secondary trauma project

– News about QCEA’s participation in the first Paris Peace Forum

– The latest EU political news, and news from Quaker House Brussels


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