These briefing papers give a variety of information on the European elections. This includes an introduction to the European Parliament, information on voting procedures in different EU member states and a series of briefing papers on different QCEA advocacy messages. These cover issues that may be of particular interest to Quakers with recommendations to the next European Parliament and questions Quakers may wish to ask their MEP candidates.

  1. QCEA analysis of 2009 Parliament election results (pdf 76 kb)
  2. European Parliament Elections 2009 (pdf – 171 kb)
  3. Voter Turnout Detail (pdf – 62 kb)
  4. Political Groups in the European Parliament and their Parties (pdf – 97 kb)
  5. Understanding the European Parliament Elections: The United Kingdom (pdf – 135 kb)


We welcome feedback on all of the work we do. But in the context of an election, this is even more important. We would love to hear from Friends and anyone in sympathy with Friends who uses this material so that we know how useful you have found it and what use you have made of it. In particular, we would be interested to hear of any interactions you have had with MEP candidates.