Copies of Around Europe between 2005 and 2008 are made available in a series of archive posts, with all the headlines and stories collected into a ZIP file for the entire year, rather than in individual monthly blog posts. We have an extensive archive of paper copies of Around Europe before 2002; please contact us if you wish to request copies of any of these.

2006 – click to download the ZIP file in English, Deutsch or français

Around Europe 288 – December 2006 / January 2007
Bipolar Iraq; Sophie Miller joins QCEA; “One voice on energy:” European energy security

Around Europe 287 – November 2006
Challenges ahead for Kosovo and its civil society; Eleventh International Peace Tax Conference
Peacebuilding – what is the role of Europe?

Around Europe 286 – October 2006
Hans Blix on Iran, North Korea and a new nuclear arms race; Say no to new nuclear weapons – and get your MEP to do so too; Report on a European Security Hearing; ‘No case for all EU institutions in Brussels’

Around Europe 285 – September 2006
Signs of Hope; Gordon Pearson; Sarah Barnett joins QCEA; Faith, fear and suicide bombing

Around Europe 284 – July / August 2006
Power Through Energy; Study Tour; Estonia Visit for Women in Prison; New Human Security Challenges; Nuclear Weapons in Europe.

Around Europe 283 – June 2006
Children of Imprisoned Parents – European Perspectives; One of the Peace Tax 7 in further protest action; Update on illegal CIA rendition flights; A waste of € 200 million or a democratic necessity?; Intergroup Commemorates 20th Anniversary of Chernobyl

Around Europe 282 – May 2006
Where the Money Goes; Matthew Taylor joins QCEA; MEPs show support for arms control; Procession in support of UK Peace Tax 7; About Face: The EU must re-engage with Iran; Book by 14 July for QCEA Associate Members’ Conference: Peacebuilding – What is the Role of Europe?

Around Europe 281 – April 2006
Soldiers quit ‘War of Aggression’; Brussels honours Bertha von Suttner on International Women’s Day 2006; Living the Gaza Nightmare; Book Review: Civilian Peacekeeping – Preventing Violence and Making Space for Democracy

Around Europe 280 – March 2006
Gender, Peacebuilding, and Security; (Re)building trust in the EU; Prevent, Protect, Pursue, Respond; News in Brief

Around Europe 279 – February 2006
The Revised European Prison Rules; Civil Peace Services in the ‘Global Action Agenda – People Building Peace’, New York 2005; ISODARCO ‘War on Terror’ Conference; Joanna Sprackett joins QCEA as new Programme Assistant; News in Brief