Addressing violent masculinity in EU internal and external security challenges


The European Women’s Lobby and Quaker Council for European Affairs would like to invite you to the following Brown Bag Lunch discussion:

Addressing violent masculinity in EU internal and external security challenges

Date: Tuesday 8 November

Buffet lunch provided from 12:30

Speakers and discussion: 13.00-14.15

Location: Quaker House, Square Ambiorix 50


Hundreds of people were murdered or seriously injured in Paris, Nice and other violent attacks in Europe over the last two years. After each attack, security officials are quickly challenged to explain the motivation of the crime, in terms of violent ideology, an unmet mental health need, resentment or something else. Political leaders then build on this explanation when seeking a visible policy response that will provide public reassurance.

One recurrent factor is that the violence is most often committed by young men. Public debates, analysis and policy-making then often seem to be dominated by men.

Are we missing something more obvious about why men commit violence, the context in which this type of violence happens, and how it can be prevented?

Answering this question will provide insight into a wide range of other policy challenges. Internally, violence against women remains the most common form of violence on the continent, mostly hidden from the public services seeking to address it. Externally, the EU is struggling to effectively counter a range of conflicts and crises. EU foreign policy instruments continue to be dominated by male decision-makers and male mission staff – building male capacity and negotiating peace between men.

This lunchtime discussion will hear perspectives from colleagues interested in addressing violent masculinity in EU internal and external policy.


Pierrette Pape, Policy and Campaigns Director, European Women’s Lobby

Patric Jean, independent masculinity advisor, Belgium/France

Irina Bratosin D’Almeida, Senior Associate at European Peacebuilding Liaison Office (EPLO)


Andrew Lane, Quaker Representative to the European Union and Council of Europe.

Space is limited so please register at the following email