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QCEA's Human Rights Programme publishes research reports and pamphlets about our projects - you can find links to them here.

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Child immigration detention in Europe

Across Europe, hundreds of children are held in detention simply because of their migration status. QCEA's research has demonstrated that many governments and European agencies are unaware of the scale of the problem. Our recent report into this worrying trend will form the basis of advocacy on this issue, with the aim of raising awareness of alternatives among policymakers.

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The European Convention on Human Rights

The ECHR is a vital element of Europe's fundamental rights framework, but it remains poorly understood - and increasingly maligned by populists and authoritarians across the continent. This pamphlet is designed as a "beginner's guide" to the Convention, the European Court of Human Rights and its important work. Written in an accessible style aimed at non-experts, this document is a useful starting point for anyone seeking to better understand the ECHR and spread the word to others.

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