QCEA’s Human Rights Programme organises a number of events in order to foster discussion and raise awareness on issues related to our work, such as child immigration detention and human trafficking. Some of these - such as our “quiet diplomacy” round-table discussions - are aimed at policymakers and representatives of civil society organisations, and are usually held in Quaker House. Others, such as our #SanctuaryEverywhere conference, are open to the public.

Every Wednesday QCEA holds a space for anyone to join us to read and share about racism, inequality and privilege. To find out more visit www.QCEA.org/read


Recent events

Refugee inclusion and integration round-table

This event brought together brought together refugees living in Italy, Sweden, Austria and elsewhere to meet European policymakers at Quaker House Brussels. It's rare that refugee voices are heard in high-level discussions on migration. But at this event, organised in partnership with the European Council for Refugees and Exiles (ECRE), the people actually affected by integration policy had the opportunity to set out the main obstacles to building inclusive societies in Europe.

#SanctuaryEverywhere conference

Co-organised with Quaker Peace and Social Witness, this conference brought over 100 people from across Europe to Brussels to consider how we can build a continent where everyone is safe. Sanctuary is a familiar concept for people of faith, but it has increasing political relevance too. The conference included two days of discussions and workshops which equipped participants with the skills and confidence to create places of sanctuary in their own communities.


Public events are advertised on our social media pages, so please follow us to stay up to date.