Why QCEA works on human rights

Quakers believe that there is 'that of God' in everyone. Human rights issues have therefore been a core concern for Quakers throughout our history.
QCEA's work on human rights involves engagement with both the Council of Europe and the EU. We cooperate frequently with partner organisations through the Human Rights and Democracy Network (HRDN).

Our programme includes topics relating to access to fundamental rights (e.g. the Council of Europe's European Convention on Human Rights) and criminal justice. Our belief that there is 'that of God' in everyone prompts us to see offenders as human beings with dignity and rights and to care for their welfare no matter what their crimes. We believe that no one is outside God’s love. Crime is an area where both forgiveness and justice are needed. Quakers’ engagement with social and political problems makes us conscious of the root causes of crime and the effects of crime on individuals’ behaviour.

This work links directly to our work on peace and economic justice. Click here to see some of our blogs on human rights.

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