Why QCEA works on democratic governance

QCEA engages with the European institutions on behalf of Quakers, and we firmly believe that democracy requires citizen engagement. We are aware that the European institutions are complex and can seem distant from people’s lives. One of our aims is to enable Quakers and others to engage with the European institutions directly to promote peace and justice for people and planet. We do this through explaining the institutions (see the A Guide to Getting Involved [link] series), and through action alerts with guides to action. We also do this through engaging with the EU on its processes, such as improved stakeholder consultation and impact assessment. QCEA has engaged with the EU on institutional decision-making since 2001.

The importance and relevance of the EU is often debated in the media and in civil society. QCEA engages with the European Union because it is there and because it affects the lives of nearly everyone in the world, in both EU Member States and non-member states, directly and indirectly.

Current work

Past work