Engagement with the European Investment Bank

The European Investment Bank, based in Luxembourg, is owned by the 28 Member States of the European Union. It makes significant investments both within the EU and in other countries. The EIB therefore plays an important role in terms of the EU’s economic reach.

QCEA contributed in 2008 and 2009 to the EIB’s Statement of Environmental and Social Principles and Standards to ensure the incorporation of conflict-sensitivity and a requirement for the Bank to take account of the legitimate interests of all local populations.

In 2013, the EIB consulted on an extensive handbook on social and environmental screening of its projects. QCEA responded to an invitation to comment on the 250+ page handbook with tracked changes. About a third of our suggestions are reflected in the final version of the handbook.
QCEA remains in close touch with the Bank and we participate actively in their ongoing dialogue with civil society, including consultations on transparency, complaints, and meetings with the Directors of the EIB.

Recent work on the EIB

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