Corporate Social Responsibility

QCEA works to ensure that the world we create through our institutions and organisations, reflects our values of peace, human rights, and sustainability. One way in which we can address this is through considering the role of the corporation in society.

Corporate Social Responsibility encompasses a set of practices relating to the social and environmental impact of a corporation. It may encompass, amongst other things, the rights of locals living near a mine in a non-European country and/or the environmental impact of manufacturing and packaging. Long ago Quakers gained a reputation for honest business dealing. Over time, their concerns extended to the welfare of workers. Now they encompass the role of business and trade in the world as a whole.

QCEA works with partner NGOs and other organisations on the environmental and social roles of corporations. This includes the role of the EU in promoting (or not) business and human rights, as well as the environmental aspects of the actions of corporations in our world.

Consultation on corporate social responsibility