QCEA submission to EU consultation on fracking

Consultation response on fracking (alternative fossil fuels, or shale gas) in Europe In February 2011, citing needs for jobs, growth and European competitiveness, the European Council called for an examination of the environmental effects of hydrofracking. Hydrofracking is a method of harvesting gas held in impermeable rocks or coal. To … More…

Consultation Response: Ensuring Sustainable Development Globally

The Directorate General for Environment of the European Commission held a public consultation on Ensuring Sustainable Development Globally. The consultation aimed to gather views on how the European Union should follow up on the commitments that it has made to sustainable development. Questions related to issues such as the Green Economy and … More…

Consultation response: European Investment Bank energy lending

The European Investment Bank asked stakeholders to respond to an issues paper with a number of questions. The EIB website stated they sought “to solicit views and input from a wide array of stakeholders that are involved in the energy sector and can bring valuable expertise to the review of … More…

Around Europe 346 – October 2012

This is the first Around Europe following the change in staff here at QCEA. Programme Assistant Bethany Squire asks if Europe is setting the bar too low when deciding upon climate change targets. She writes an article entitled ‘Plotting Europe’s Route to a Sustainable Future’. Chris Venables is critical of a recent European Commission Working Document which outlines how introducing military drone technology in to the civilian market might stimulate growth across Europe. We say goodbye to Liz Scurfield and Martina Weitsch after 10 years of hard work and service.

You can download this October edition of Around Europe by clicking here. (2.78Mb)

Around Europe 343 – June 2012

Denmark to Change its Labelling Rules for West Bank Settlement Products; All Change at the Quaker Council for European Affairs; In the Time of your Life, Live, Love and Lobby(!).

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Consultation response: preparation of the EU adaptation strategy

This consultation sought to collect opinions from stakeholders and experts in the field of adaptation to climate change with a view to getting additional information for the preparation of the EU Adaptation Strategy. The scope of the consultation ranges from biodiversity and the degradation of ecosystem services to food production … More…

Consultation response: policy options for the Blueprint to safeguard Europe’s waters

The European Commission is in the process of updating it’s water policy with a Blueprint to safeguard Europe’s waters, to be published at the end of 2012. In order for the EU to be able to produce a coherent policy for the Blueprint, it is essential for it to cover … More…

Around Europe 341 – April 2012

Trust and Detention in the European Union; Water and Energy: what is the Connection?; Is there room for civil society in the concept of stakeholder engagement in European Research?; Quaker House Brussels’ Carbon Footprint; Erratum

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Deutsche Ausgabe – April 2012

Vertrauen und Inhaftierung in der Europäischen Union

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Consultation response: financing energy efficiency in buildings

Dramatically improved energy efficiency in buildings is both achievable and economically desirable. However, low awareness of the environmental impact of buildings; the sector’s complexity, fragmentation, and lack of genuine champions; lack of know-how and experience in green construction; lack of financial instruments to reward energy efficiency; and life styles that … More…

Consultation response: maritime transport emissions in GHG reduction commitment

Shipping affects European waters. In order to keep the global temperature change below two degrees, all aspects of our carbon emissions must be considered. Therefore it is essential that the maritime sector should contribute to European emission reduction efforts. The efforts will not give a comprehensive view if maritime emissions … More…