Around Europe 356 April – May 2014

In this issue of Around Europe, Deputy Representative Andrew Lane discusses how Europe should foster peace, not war, through the CSDP. Programme Assistant Chris Diskin talks about the importance of voting in the May 2014 European Parliamentary Elections. While Programme Assistant Rebecca Viney-Wood writes about how 2014 will be a … More…

Around Europe 355 February – March 2014

The February-March edition of our monthly newsletter. Deputy Representative Andrew Lane talks about the EU’s reversion to militarism. Programme Assistant Rebecca Viney-Wood discusses freedom of the press in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Chris Diskin writes about a sunset clause for TTIP and Alexandra Bosbeer reminds us of the importance of … More…

Consultation Response: Green Paper on a 2030 framework for climate and energy policies

The Directorate General for Energy and Directorate General for Climate Action of the European Commission held a public consultation to gather views on its 2030 framework for climate and energy policies. The consultation gave stakeholders the opportunity to express their views on the type, nature and level of potential EU … More…

Conference 2013: Europe and Economic Justice – Guaranteeing a fair share

Europe and Economic Justice: Guaranteeing a fair share 15th-17th November 2013 in Brussels What are the causes and consequences of the European economic crisis? What alternatives are there to austerity? How can we, as Quakers, contribute to the building of a just and sustainable economy which meets human needs without … More…

QCEA submission to EU consultation on fracking

Consultation response on fracking (alternative fossil fuels, or shale gas) in Europe In February 2011, citing needs for jobs, growth and European competitiveness, the European Council called for an examination of the environmental effects of hydrofracking. Hydrofracking is a method of harvesting gas held in impermeable rocks or coal. To … More…

Around Europe 348 – December 2012 / January 2013

img-ae-348-DecJan-2013In this issue of Around Europe, Joint Representative Gordon Matthews discusses the European Union’s (EU) research programme for 2014 to 2020, ‘Horizon 2020′. QCEA is supporting an amendment to the rules of participation which would make it more difficult for entities with questionable human rights records to receive EU funding. Programme Assistant Chris Venables describes the workings of one of the institutions of the EU, the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Ireland has now taken over the Presidency for the first half of 2013, and Chris suggests there is not enough focus on green issues. Joint Representative Alexandra Bosbeer outlines the importance of comprehensive assessment of large scale infrastructure projects. By taking into account the impact of a project from its beginning to its end we can make more informed decisions about what is (and what is not) sustainable.

You can download the PDF by clicking here.

Consultation Response: Ensuring Sustainable Development Globally

The Directorate General for Environment of the European Commission held a public consultation on Ensuring Sustainable Development Globally. The consultation aimed to gather views on how the European Union should follow up on the commitments that it has made to sustainable development. Questions related to issues such as the Green Economy and … More…

Around Europe 347 – November 2012

November’s edition of our monthly newsletter: Programme Assistant Bethany Squire explains how QCEA communicates with the wider world, explaining our social media and web presence as well as how to subscribe to our newsletter and publications. Alexandra Bosbeer asks if we are ‘cutting ourselves off from Mother Earth’, and Chris Venables highlights the need for better protection for defence rights across the EU.

You can download November’s edition by clicking here. (PDF – 3Mb)

Around Europe 346 – October 2012

This is the first Around Europe following the change in staff here at QCEA. Programme Assistant Bethany Squire asks if Europe is setting the bar too low when deciding upon climate change targets. She writes an article entitled ‘Plotting Europe’s Route to a Sustainable Future’. Chris Venables is critical of a recent European Commission Working Document which outlines how introducing military drone technology in to the civilian market might stimulate growth across Europe. We say goodbye to Liz Scurfield and Martina Weitsch after 10 years of hard work and service.

You can download this October edition of Around Europe by clicking here. (2.78Mb)