A Quaker Vision of Europe

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As members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), one of the peace churches, we believe in that of God in everyone. We believe in non-violent approaches to conflict resolution, in the intrinsic equality of all people everywhere, and in a sustainable way of life for everyone that the one earth we share can support. […]

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Around Europe 313 – June 2009

What are the obstacles and opportunities to help move Europe’s transport networks towards a sustainable fututre? Air travel: Understanding the Consequences; Restorative Justice: Revolutionising the way we respond to crime by exploring alternatives to imprisonment…; In Memoriam: Marianne Boelsma-Studinger Click here to download (PDF – 366 Kb) Deutsche Ausgabe – Juni 2009 Luftverkehr: die Folgen […]

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Briefing paper: the European Union budget review 2008/9

Analysis of the European Union budget review 2008-2009 The budget of the European Union is an important tool of the European Union and its institutions to implement its policies. It has often been criticised for various reasons. Popular complaints and criticisms include: The budget is not transparent; The budget is not democratically controlled; The budget […]

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