Around Europe 357 June – July 2014

In this issue of Around Europe (June July 2014), Andrew Lane discusses the new European Parliament and the increase in far-right MEPs. Alexandra Bosbeer outlines what the next steps are for the new Parliament and how to get in touch with your MEP. Andrew also reviews the situation in detention … More…

Around Europe 354 December 2013 – January 2014

In this issue of Around Europe, Judith Kirton-Darling asks what gifts we can bring to ensure right sharing of the world’s resources. Trevor Evans explains the economic crisis in Europe today. Both of these were keynote speeches at the QCEA/QPSW joint conference in November 2013 (to see videos of the … More…

Videos of the keynote speeches from the QCEA/QPSW Europe and Economic Justice conference are now available!

Videos of the keynote speeches from the November 2013 QCEA/QPSW – Europe and Economic Justice conference can now be found on QCEA’s website and YouTube. The conference focused on the the causes and consequences of the current European economic crisis, the alternatives to austerity and how Quakers can contribute to the … More…

Around Europe 352 – August/September 2013

Preview_for_Website JPEGIn this issue of Around Europe QCEA Intern Annie Schulz discusses hate speech in European Union Member States. Associate Professor in Risk Management and Community Resilience, and Swedish Quaker Per Becker writes about how national identity and political elites have influenced the involvement in conflicts. Former QCEA Representative Martina Weitsch describes the recent EU guidelines on eligibility for funding of entities registered outside Israel’s 1967 borders. There is also a book review by Programme Assistant Bethany Squire.

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Around Europe 351 – June/July 2013


In this issue of Around Europe Programme Assistant Imogen Parker discusses the ethics of electronic monitoring in Europe. She writes that while this technological advancement could be used, in specific circumstances, as a viable alternative to imprisonment, this should not be seen as simply a cheap replacement for imprisonment. Quaker Representative Alexandra Bosbeer talks about the underlying value of nature and how we must develop more innovative ways of valuing our environment. While Programme Assistants Chris  and Bethany Squires describe how the EU must respond as a community to the current environmental challenges.

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Around Europe 350 – April/May 2013

img-aroundeurope-aprilmay-2013In this issue of Around Europe Programme Assistant Chris Venables introduces QCEA’s work on the militarisation of the European Union. He outlines some of the changes that have taken place over the last 15 years in EU military structures. Programme Assistant Imogen Parker in an article called ‘Torture and Terror in Europe’ describes the involvement of European countries in the torture of terror suspects. Outgoing Representative Gordon Matthews asks if the EU can help to revive the Middle East peace process.

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Around Europe 349 – February/March 2013

img-ae349-febmar-2013In this issue of Around Europe, Programme Assistant Bethany Squire asks how we might define the ‘green economy’. She takes us through some prominent definitions, then highlights some ideas of her own. Joint Representative Alexandra Bosbeer discusses the dangers of fracking, a technique used to extract natural gas which could be quite risky. Joint Representative Gordon Matthews asks if David Cameron knows what he is doing after the UK Prime Minister’s recent speech on renegotiating the UK’s position with Europe. Programme Assistant Chris Venables looks back at some of the first issue of Around Europe and compares the policy debates on terrorism in a new series on ‘Now and Then’.

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QCEA Presentation at IEEM Spring Conference – Ecosystem Services

On the 20th March 2013, QCEA Representative Alexandra Bosbeer gave a talk to the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. The talk highlighted the economic, social and environmental risks of placing a monetary value on natural capital. The slides of the presentation, ‘The Costs of Pricing Nature: The Implications of … More…

Around Europe 343 – June 2012

Denmark to Change its Labelling Rules for West Bank Settlement Products; All Change at the Quaker Council for European Affairs; In the Time of your Life, Live, Love and Lobby(!).

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