Discussion Paper: The European Arrest Warrant – One Step Closer to Reform?

In this discussion paper, Imogen Parker explains in brief the European Arrest Warrant and some of the problems for criminal justice which have arisen during the its implementation. She makes recommendations which readers can bring before their MEP, on how to ensure that extraditions do not result in problems such … More…

Around Europe 349 – February/March 2013

img-ae349-febmar-2013In this issue of Around Europe, Programme Assistant Bethany Squire asks how we might define the ‘green economy’. She takes us through some prominent definitions, then highlights some ideas of her own. Joint Representative Alexandra Bosbeer discusses the dangers of fracking, a technique used to extract natural gas which could be quite risky. Joint Representative Gordon Matthews asks if David Cameron knows what he is doing after the UK Prime Minister’s recent speech on renegotiating the UK’s position with Europe. Programme Assistant Chris Venables looks back at some of the first issue of Around Europe and compares the policy debates on terrorism in a new series on ‘Now and Then’.

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Briefing paper: A Guide to Getting Involved – Part 1 – European Parliament

QCEA has published a new briefing paper giving you all the information you need to find just the right Member of the European Parliament to contact about the things that matter to you. ‘Who do I call if I want to call Europe’ is a quotation attributed to Henry Kissinger … More…

Consultation response: preparation of the EU adaptation strategy

This consultation sought to collect opinions from stakeholders and experts in the field of adaptation to climate change with a view to getting additional information for the preparation of the EU Adaptation Strategy. The scope of the consultation ranges from biodiversity and the degradation of ecosystem services to food production … More…

Around Europe 341 – April 2012

Trust and Detention in the European Union; Water and Energy: what is the Connection?; Is there room for civil society in the concept of stakeholder engagement in European Research?; Quaker House Brussels’ Carbon Footprint; Erratum

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Deutsche Ausgabe – April 2012

Vertrauen und Inhaftierung in der Europäischen Union

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Consultation response: financing energy efficiency in buildings

Dramatically improved energy efficiency in buildings is both achievable and economically desirable. However, low awareness of the environmental impact of buildings; the sector’s complexity, fragmentation, and lack of genuine champions; lack of know-how and experience in green construction; lack of financial instruments to reward energy efficiency; and life styles that … More…

Consultation response: maritime transport emissions in GHG reduction commitment

Shipping affects European waters. In order to keep the global temperature change below two degrees, all aspects of our carbon emissions must be considered. Therefore it is essential that the maritime sector should contribute to European emission reduction efforts. The efforts will not give a comprehensive view if maritime emissions … More…

Consultation response: more Sustainable Consumption and Production

While we welcome the Commission’s flagship initiative entitled A resource-efficient Europe, and more sustainable consumption and production policy development, we still consider the effort to be too vague. We also do not understand why the resource efficiency strategy has been included in the Europe 2020 Strategy. We consider the former … More…

Green paper response: criminal justice in the field of detention

Strengthening mutual trust in the European Judicial Area – a Green Paper on the application of EU criminal justice legislation in the field of Detention Our research comparing the operation of prison systems across Europe has led us to certain conclusions, which we clarify here because they inform our thinking … More…

Around Europe 331 – April 2011

New QCEA report surveys prisoner reintegration policy in 20 European countries; EU Responses to Terrorism: a Paper Tiger on a Wild Goose Chase?; Israel: Democracy and Free Speech for all?

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Deutsche Ausgabe – April 2011

Israel: Demokratie und Redefreiheit für alle?

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