Around Europe 353 – October November 2013

In this issue of Around Europe, the new Human Rights pledge for European Parliament candidates is presented; Rebecca Viney Wood and Chris Diskin explore arms trade policy within Europe in 1978, the 1980s, and 2013; and Alexandra Bosbeer reviews a possible start to a trend of European companies pulling out … More…

Discussion Paper: The European Arrest Warrant – One Step Closer to Reform?

In this discussion paper, Imogen Parker explains in brief the European Arrest Warrant and some of the problems for criminal justice which have arisen during the its implementation. She makes recommendations which readers can bring before their MEP, on how to ensure that extraditions do not result in problems such … More…

Briefing Paper: Shrinking Civil Space in European Countries

Restricting anyone’s right to speak his or her voice and truth is fundamentally at odds with both the Quakers’ testimony to equality and the EU democratic foundation. This new briefing paper describes the shrinking civil space in society in some EU and Council of Europe Member States, and what we … More…

Around Europe 347 – November 2012

November’s edition of our monthly newsletter: Programme Assistant Bethany Squire explains how QCEA communicates with the wider world, explaining our social media and web presence as well as how to subscribe to our newsletter and publications. Alexandra Bosbeer asks if we are ‘cutting ourselves off from Mother Earth’, and Chris Venables highlights the need for better protection for defence rights across the EU.

You can download November’s edition by clicking here. (PDF – 3Mb)

Around Europe 342 – May 2012

Israel destroys EU development projects worth € 29 million; Who is protecting human rights in Europe?; Restorative Justice: European Parliament makes progress?; Introducing our new Office Manager

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Deutsche Ausgabe – Mai 2012

Restorative Justice: Macht das Europa-Parlament Fortschritte?

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Around Europe 339 – February 2012

The EEAS: First Year Score Card – Room for Improvement; Election of the new Commissioner for Human Rights at the Council of Europe; Daylight Madness: The UK’s Lacklustre Green Transformation; Council of Europe: Structure, History and Issues in European Politics

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Deutsche Ausgabe – Februar 2012

Der Europäische Auswärtige Dienst (EEAS): die Ergebnisse nach einem Jahr – Möglichkeiten zur Verbesserung

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Around Europe 338 – December 2011 / January 2012

Fair Trials International Highlight the Shocking Truth of Pre-Trial Detention; Energy Savings Potential Continues to be Greatly Underutilised; Two Weeks’ Work Experience at QCEA

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Deutsche Ausgabe – Dezember 2011/Januar 2012

Fair Trials International beschreibt die schockierende Wahrheit über die Untersuchungshaft

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Around Europe 337 – November 2011

European Investment Bank Board of Directors Listen to Civil Society; New Briefing Papers on EU Responses to Terrorism: The implications for human rights, democratic governance and peace-building; We are victims of ourselves, yesterday, today, and tomorrow

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Deutsche Ausgabe – November 2011

Neue Informationspapiere zu Antworten der EU auf den Terrorismus: Die Auswirkungen auf Menschenrechte, Demokratie und Friedensarbeit

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Report: Alternatives to Imprisonment

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) has a long history of campaigning for prison and criminal justice reform. Working in the context of this 350 year old Quaker tradition, the Quaker Council for European Affairs is actively involved in promoting respect for human rights. In partnership with the Quaker United … More…