Around Europe 357 June – July 2014

In this issue of Around Europe (June July 2014), Andrew Lane discusses the new European Parliament and the increase in far-right MEPs. Alexandra Bosbeer outlines what the next steps are for the new Parliament and how to get in touch with your MEP. Andrew also reviews the situation in detention … More…

Around Europe 356 April – May 2014

In this issue of Around Europe, Deputy Representative Andrew Lane discusses how Europe should foster peace, not war, through the CSDP. Programme Assistant Chris Diskin talks about the importance of voting in the May 2014 European Parliamentary Elections. While Programme Assistant Rebecca Viney-Wood writes about how 2014 will be a … More…

Discussion Paper: The European Arrest Warrant – One Step Closer to Reform?

In this discussion paper, Imogen Parker explains in brief the European Arrest Warrant and some of the problems for criminal justice which have arisen during the its implementation. She makes recommendations which readers can bring before their MEP, on how to ensure that extraditions do not result in problems such … More…

Around Europe 351 – June/July 2013


In this issue of Around Europe Programme Assistant Imogen Parker discusses the ethics of electronic monitoring in Europe. She writes that while this technological advancement could be used, in specific circumstances, as a viable alternative to imprisonment, this should not be seen as simply a cheap replacement for imprisonment. Quaker Representative Alexandra Bosbeer talks about the underlying value of nature and how we must develop more innovative ways of valuing our environment. While Programme Assistants Chris  and Bethany Squires describe how the EU must respond as a community to the current environmental challenges.

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Around Europe 347 – November 2012

November’s edition of our monthly newsletter: Programme Assistant Bethany Squire explains how QCEA communicates with the wider world, explaining our social media and web presence as well as how to subscribe to our newsletter and publications. Alexandra Bosbeer asks if we are ‘cutting ourselves off from Mother Earth’, and Chris Venables highlights the need for better protection for defence rights across the EU.

You can download November’s edition by clicking here. (PDF – 3Mb)

Around Europe 345 – September 2012

In this edition of Around Europe QCEA Joint Representative Martina Weitsch discusses what we can learn from Europe’s history of peacebuilding – in light of the European Union (EU) winning the Nobel Prize it’s a very interesting article indeed. Liz Scurfield gives us an update on developments within the Council of Europe on alternatives to imprisonment, and a brief description of recent changes in the EU-Israel relationship.

You can download September’s Around Europe in PDF format by clicking here. (1.2Mb)

We try as often as we can and when opportunities present themselves to make Around Europe available in other languages. Martina Weitsch’s article, ‘Europe: A Peace Process or a Peace Project?’ which appeared in this month’s edition is available in French in PDF by clicking here.

Open Letter to Viviane Reading on Pre-trial Detention

Following the European Commission’s Green Paper on Detention, the Detention Consultation NGO Working Group (a group of fourteen NGOs) calling on Commissioner Reading to come forward with a legislative proposal  setting common minimum standards for the use of pre-trial detention. Read the open letter here (PDF – 358 KB) … More…

Around Europe 341 – April 2012

Trust and Detention in the European Union; Water and Energy: what is the Connection?; Is there room for civil society in the concept of stakeholder engagement in European Research?; Quaker House Brussels’ Carbon Footprint; Erratum

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Deutsche Ausgabe – April 2012

Vertrauen und Inhaftierung in der Europäischen Union

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Around Europe 334 – July / August 2011

Knesset Legislation: Damaging Democracy and the Prospects for Peace; Circles of Support and Accountability: Success Breeds Success; Nein Danke! Now What?

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Deutsche Ausgabe – Juli / August 2011

Nein danke! Was nun?

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