QCEA response to energy-from-waste roadmap


This response is the Quaker Council for European Affairs feedback on the recently published European Commission energy-from-waste roadmap. QCEA is concerned that this roadmap on the energy-from-waste communication could undermine the European Union’s laudable attempts to transition to a circular economy. Our response outlines a number of our concerns: overcapacity and lock-ins, waste prevention and […]

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Around Europe 360 December 2014 – January 2015

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In this issue of Around Europe, Sevasti Christoforou examines the issues of identifying, recording and addressing hate crime across the European Union, and the variance between EU Member States. George Thurley discusses how citizens and local governments can act as pioneers on climate and environment issues, bypassing necessary compromises at the national and European levels. Andrew […]

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Übersicht der QCEA-Stellungnahmen zur „Europa 2020“-Konsultation

[For English, click here] Die Europäische Kommission leitet ein Konsultationsverfahren zum Thema „Europa 2020“. Bei „Europa 2020“ handelt es sich um einen- von der EU entwickelten- Plan mit den Schwerpunkten Wachstum und Arbeit zur Förderung der europäischen Wirtschaft. Dieser Wirtschaftsplan beinhaltet auch Klima- und Energiezielsetzungen. QCEA’s Antworten fokussieren sich auf diese beiden Bereiche. Die drei […]

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Consultation response: European Investment Bank energy lending

The European Investment Bank asked stakeholders to respond to an issues paper with a number of questions. The EIB website stated they sought “to solicit views and input from a wide array of stakeholders that are involved in the energy sector and can bring valuable expertise to the review of the EIB’s energy sector lending […]

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Around Europe 340 – March 2012

Israel’s Supreme Court Adapts International Law in West Bank Quarrying ruling; A View of the EU Budget through Green-Tinted Spectacles; Continued Cognitive Dissonance in EU Energy Effort; Democracy under stress: The global crisis and beyond; Apology and Correction Click here to download (PDF – 1.3 Mb) Deutsche Ausgabe – März 2012 Israels Oberster Gerichtshof passt […]

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Consultation response: roadmap for a low carbon economy by 2050

The challenge is well identified, and business as usual will not get us there. We must act now to ensure that existing energy and climate commitments are interpreted in the strongest way possible. If the European Union is not careful, a coordinated response to Europe’s energy revolution will be impossible, and the consequences ungovernable. Given […]

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