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Quäker für Klimagerechtigkeit

Quaker Council for European Affairs (QCEA) bringt eine Quäker-Vision über gerechte Beziehungen in die europäischen Institutionen. Around Europe ist QCEAs Newsletter, der 6x im Jahr erscheint. Er wird in Englisch publiziert und kann auf der Webseite gelesen und abonniert werden. Mehr Informationen gibt es auch unter Der folgende Text fasst die Themen aus […]

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Action alert: Call on the Commission to develop an ambitious circular economy proposal!

Reduce, reuse, recycle and waste not, want not. Two common phrases, but we need to make sure these principles are incorporated into European policy. A truly ambitious circular economy can help make sure we get the maximum value from the resources we use, eliminating waste, and making the economy work within environmental limits, rather than […]

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Walking the Circle – the 4 guiding pillars for a Circular Economy

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This paper outlines four key areas that QCEA, along with 11 other NGOs, believes that European Union institutions should work on to ensure a comprehensive European circular economy. The EU must focus on efficient material management, the reduction of toxic substances, energy efficiency and economic incentives. Working ambitiously across all these areas. in conjunction with […]

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